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Hello! I am originally from North Otago where my late husband, Ross, and I farmed for 25 years. We moved to the Dunedin area and farmed for a further 10 years. We have four sons – Jamie is a Stock Agent, based in Oamaru – married to Michelle and they have Olivia (4 years) and Isaac (2 years). David has a double degree (phys-ed and geography) and has his own company ‘Leki Louvres’ in Sydney where he employs up to 8 kiwi lads. Roy is an ITS man with the Australian Army soon to be based in Brisbane and Grant our youngest, is a deep sea Diving Engineer based in Auckland.

I have a teaching background and after 30 years in this profession I decided to use my teaching skills in another profession – Real Estate has been the right choice. I have been in Real Estate for eleven and a half years and really enjoy what I do. The many different people whom I meet are great. The various properties and people I see and work with give my teaching skills a good workout.

Coming from a rural background, my laid back approach and hard working ethics are all good assets when helping the many clients I have. Much of my work is now repeat business and I really enjoy working for these clients and being able to see them appreciate a job well done, is great. I have been selling Real Estate for almost 13 years. During that time I have sold a huge number of properties and continue to enjoy the work and the people I meet along the way. Lots of my business is now repeat and I have had the pleasure of selling the some properties up three times.


14 Listings

6 Thomson st, Green Island 9018

Beds: 3 Baths: 1 Parking: 1
Beds: 3Baths: 1Parking: 1

625 Weston-Ngapara Road, Enfield 9491

Beds: 3 Baths: 1
Beds: 3Baths: 1

47 Loyalty Street, St Kilda 9012

Beds: 3 Baths: 1
Beds: 3Baths: 1

47A Frome Street, Oamaru 9400

Beds: 4 Baths: 2 Parking: 2
Beds: 4Baths: 2Parking: 2

14 & 14A Duddingstone Steps, North East Valley 9010

Beds: 7 Baths: 2
Beds: 7Baths: 2